OC Free Tax Prep Returns With COVID-Friendly Tax Filing Options

While tax preparation may look different this year, OC Free Tax Prep returns to help Orange County taxpayers claim tax credits and save on tax preparation fees. Taxpayers who earned less than $60,000 in 2021 can stay safe and keep more of their hard-earned money by utilizing these new filing options offered by the program:

Drop-Off Service

Gather your documents and drop them off at a location near you. Our IRS-Certified tax preparer volunteers will prepare your return for you. Click Here to find a location near you.

Virtual Tax Preparation Service

Upload your tax documents to our secure portal and our IRS-Certified tax preparer volunteers will prepare your return virtually! We offer this service through’s secure online portal. Click Here to sign-up and get started.

Do-It-Yourself "DIY" Online

Answer a series of guided questions on a secure website, and tax forms are automatically generated for you. Click Here to file online now.

Additional Information from OC Free Tax Prep

OC Free Tax Prep encourages taxpayers to get a head start on filing their returns this year to allow for the new drop-off and virtual services processing time.

Over the last 8 years, OC Free Tax Prep has prepared 121,219 tax returns within 85,145 volunteer hours saving taxpayers an estimated $23 million in tax preparation fees. Have additional questions? Call our free hotline at 888-434-8248.

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