Expanding Free Tax Prep in Orange County

Orange County’s United Way is expanding free tax prep services around the county. Learn more about how these services can put more money in your pocket, and turn tax season into a vital financial lifeline for you and your family. Recent studies show that many U.S. households face steep financial vulnerabilities. In fact, more than half of all households lack the savings to cover a $400 emergency expense. What many individuals don’t realize is that there is an invaluable opportunity to mitigate some of that vulnerability and to put more money into their pockets. That opportunity: Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

About the Earned Income Tax Credit

Thanks to the largest and most successful anti-poverty program such as the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), tax season can provide working families with a critical financial lifeline. Here’s how it works. The EITC program is available to any eligible taxpayer— specifically, those whose earned income (as opposed to investment income) does not exceed $60,000 annually. These taxpayers can qualify for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cash back. This is money that families can use on whatever they most need, whether it helps with groceries, rent, tuition, etc.

How Orange County United Way is Helping More Taxpayers Maximize Their Refunds

Orange County United Way is on a mission to make sure that all Orange County taxpayers know about the EITC and receive the maximum benefit. The goal is to provide low- to middle-income families with an easy way to have their tax returns completed—and to identify any possibility for a maximum EITC refund. To that end, these free tax prep services are offered by highly-trained, IRS-certified volunteers. Their services are offered in a variety of languages. Here in Orange County, free tax prep is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and more.

Get Free Tax Assistance in Orange County

With support from Citi Community Development, Orange County United Way’s OC Free Tax Prep program is expanding free tax prep in the cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa. This initiative comes at an opportune time for California taxpayers, as the state’s own EITC program was recently expanded by former Governor Jerry Brown. Orange County United Way is boosting its education and outreach efforts to let more Orange County residents know about the CalEITC and its potential benefits. For many individuals, tax filing season can seem like a chore. However, for many working families, it can actually be an incredible vehicle for economic assistance. We’d love to talk with you more about how this tax season can provide you with a financial lifeline, and help you end up with additional money in your pocket. Reach out to ask for information regarding free tax prep in Orange County.

Filing Taxes Has Never Been Easier

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