Top 3 Things to Know if You Didn’t File Your 2022 Taxes

Not everyone is required to file their 2021 taxes. Many people who earned less than $12,950 (the 2022 standard deduction for single taxpayer) don’t need to submit a return. However, just because you don’t have to file doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Here are the top 3 things you need to know if you earned income but didn’t file your 2022 taxes:

  • If you earned income but didn’t file your taxes, you could be missing out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars from cash back tax credits! And the great news is that it’s not too late to claim those credits (yes, even if the tax deadline has passed)!

  • You have three years to file and claim a refund from the due date of your tax return. If you were eligible, you can still claim the EITC and CalEITC for up to three years back by filing amended returns. For example, if you did not file your return in 2020, you can still do so by May 17, 2024. There is no late penalty if you did not own any taxes in the prior year.

  • MyFreeTaxes makes it easy for you to file by connecting you to free online tax software. It’s easy to use by offering a series of guided questions and tax forms that are automatically generated for you. It’s approved by the IRS, and even offers telephone support!

What are you waiting for? Visit MyFreeTaxes today to file your 2022 taxes and to claim your tax credits that are waiting for you. It’s your money. Get it!

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